RPW software update


Rpw : Rowperfect for Windows Update (September 2007)
Hi everyone, some small fixes this time, mainly addressing heart-rate readout issues. As always, the full release notes of this version can be found below.

You can download the software from


RPW will only record data when connected to a MKIV monitor, or a re-programmed PC interface. This implies that upgrading from CARE/DOS to RPW means getting your current PC interface re-programmed. Please contact your local Rowperfect agent for details.
Q. Can I use Rpw on a PC without a serial port?

A. Yes and no.We have been able to use RPW through an USB-to-serial adapter, testing several brands and models. However, not *all* cables tested have proven to be useable. Therefore, we suggest to use a serial port when available, and only switch to a USB adapter when strictly needed.

# Recording, and then what?
Q. Why should I record all this data for every stroke in the first place?
A. To analyse your work, real time (during the training session) or off-line (when done), and thus monitoring performance, progress and athletes compatibility. With RPW, you can analyse 2 files at the same time. To do a thorough analysis of larger amounts of data, try SEAN : Session Analysis.
# Release Notes version – August 29, 2007

* The splash screen will show an About button, when the software has expired.
* Improved heart rate read-out.
* Time and heart rate are now continuously updated when the flywheel is not spinning, approximately once every two seconds. Note: this is done ONLY when connected to the interface. That is, when a training session is in progress; NOT when a session has been finished or canceled.

* Parameter cells in the Row window are now displaying the start value for a count down session (e.g. distance), right from the beginning; NOT only after the first stroke has been made.

Version – January 9, 2007
* Support for reading KkIV files has been added. Now, MKS (Session),
MKR (Strokes) and MKI (User settings) files can be read. These files are generated by MKIV monitors with software version 0.32 and later.


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