Controversy around Rowing Technology – are we in a backwater?

It’s time for reflection and a gathering of energy before launching into another year of rowing, coaching and coxing.

Articles that we’ve read recently that provoked thought and reaction:

Carl Douglas Boatbuilder also fought back in the comments of the article pointing out that there is a lack of opportunity for rowing manufacutrers to getting their wares considered by the British Rowing establishment.

rowing does hide in a technological backwater. Although dependent on water & affected by wind, rowing has minimal grasp of the relevant sciences &, fixated on stylistic orthodoxy, largely ignores the fluid & inertial dynamics which so affect performance.

British Rowing ignores its UK manufacturers &, as he says, buys foreign. The European equipment is not uniquely excellent, but BR lacks the expertise in boat & accessory design to see this. UK designs proven to enhance performance (as in the 2000 GBR eight) they ignore.

BR’s training and preparation is magnificent. In technology it is deficient. That must change since here Cycling and Rowing are far apart. Cycling embraces technology for the “aggregation of marginal gains”. Rowing thinks it’s all been done.”


What do you think?  Is rowing cheating itself by not embracing technology more frequently?  Are we a closed sport with no desire to improve?

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