Hull University rowers fight back after arson attack


Matthew Pinsent brought this to our attention with his tweet asking for help raising money for the athletes at Hull University Boat Club whose club house got badly damaged.


Rowperfect contacted the club and Laura Caveney and James Smith wrote to tell us more about their plans.  They write

We are hoping to raise over £1,000, due to our twitter campaign we have already raised £250 from outside backers, one of which being Matthew Pinsent!
The 24 hour row will be on 1 or 2 ergs in a house of one of the captains, with 48 people from the club getting involved. We used 2 free boat club ball tickets for whoever ‘raised’ the most amount of money as the prize as we didn’t hope for any outside backing at all!

We want to raise money to cover damage of toilets/showers/communal areas and electricity, as well as hopefully replacing and replenishing damaged equipment. Any other money we raise will be going towards some new ergs!

Rowperfect asks you to joins the supporters

A club getting damaged by mindless idiots means the rowing community needs to pull together to help out these rowers.

The link for the online ‘donation form  is at Go Get Fund Raising

There are 3,600 people on our mailing list – can you spare the price of a coffee and a cake (£10) to help these guys out?

Can you help with gifts in kind?

Anyone got old ergos they could donate or are you a tradesman with electrical / plumbing skills?

Send your donations to Go Get Fund Raising and your gifts in kind via Rowperfect and we’ll forward them onto Laura and James.  Hull University Boat Club website.

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