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Charity Indoor Rowing – Virtual Erg Race

Rowperfect is proud to support the charity indoor rowing, a virtual indoor regatta: ERG Electronic Rowing Games. According … read more

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Rowperfect is proud to support the charity indoor rowing, a virtual indoor regatta: ERG Electronic Rowing Games. According to the organizers it will be probably the biggest indoor race this year worldwide. The regatta takes place June 13th – 21st 2020.

ERG Indoor Rowing Suit

Unlike all other major international regattas, racing at ERG is done virtually with competitors rowing two abreast over one thousand metres. Naturally the tactics in such races are different from racing six abreast.

Henley Style Knockout Races

The charity indoor rowing regatta also operates a full-ranking type of competition, where competitors will receive a final worldwide ranking in their event. The committee of the regatta hopes to have the pleasure of welcoming you online this year.

Win a Racing Suit

For the next 48 hours, any person who signs up automatically enteres the raffle to win an exclusive ERG All-in-one!

See this short video for more information

Save the date: June 13th – 21st 2020. Registration is open now. Check out the rules and registration policy. Get your ergometer ready and prepare for the race. If you are interested to join, here is the direct link: 

Indoor rowing registration

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