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How much Ergo do you need? Introducing: AUGLETICS – The Virtual Coach

How much Ergo do you need? Introducing: AUGLETICS – The Virtual Coach During the next couple of weeks, … read more

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How much Ergo do you need? Introducing: AUGLETICS – The Virtual Coach

During the next couple of weeks, we would like to show why our AUGLETICS Eight and Eight Style are definitely worth a closer look!

Today we want to start with showing you what’s so special about our AUGLETICS Virtual Coach! With the professional instruction of the Virtual Coach at your fingertips, you will quickly improve your rowing technique and train more efficiently and healthily long-term.

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach goes further

Virtual Coach

Analysing your performance data:

Proper movement is particularly important and of course a rowing machine only makes sense if you use it. The Virtual Coach will help you with both. It evaluates every stroke of your row with regard to your rowing technique and gives you specific suggestions for improvement. With the touchscreen you take your training into your own hands: With the guidance of the unique AUGLETICS Virtual Coach, you can improve your rowing technique in a playful way and train more efficiently and healthy in the long run.

At the beginning of every warm-up, the AUGLETICS Virtual Couch reports your data via the touchscreen and chooses your last configuration – so all your physiological and technical data is ready whenever you are.

A rowing tour though London or Paris

Augletics City Maps

We think that a strenuous training must also be fun. Training with the AUGLETICS City Maps ensures a very special training experience. You row with or against other athletes, through Berlin, London or Paris.  Email us and test it

Row by pulse

Always on the pulse: You can improve your training with a Bluetooth heart rate belt and automatically adjust the resistance to your current activity. You always train healthy and efficiently.

Your data is always available

All your data on one screen

Smart: The AUGLETICS Eight logs training data that can be called up via a personal login and also offers interfaces to the most popular fitness apps.

Technical details: For more info or a test rower?


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