Announcing the Coxmate GPS – you’ll want this

Rowperfect is proud to announce the NEW Coxmate GPS has arrived.  For years we have been asked to produce a low cost and easy to use boat rate, time and speed measurement tool that was NOT a mobile phone app.

Here is the Coxmate GPS

Coxmate GPS for coxless boat speed measurement
Coxmate GPS for coxless boat speed measurement

It’s all you asked for and more – the unit is compact, has a touch-screen with a powerful backlight, uses rechargable batteries and works out of the box.

Each one comes with a choice of 3 mounting options – NK mount, a suction cup or a bolt to slide into the foot stretcher.  The latter was my recommendation to Coxmate – it allows easy switching between boats.

Clever Coxmate Ingenuity

Peter Hodson has built the Coxmate GPS from a cycling computer and added an app for the Coxmate GPS function – so within the unit you also get other sport apps.  The touch-screen is brilliant allowing you to switch from a display of 2 numbers, variable 2 numbers scrolling (4 in total) or 5 numbers.  Personally I love the 5 number display and have rate, time, 500m split, Distance per stroke and heart rate on one screen.

Each unit can be further customised with different distance measures (km, miles or meters), speed (m/s, 500m split, kph or mph), stroke rate sensitivity, and averaging to smooth rate, speed and ratio.

It comes with a year’s license for the Coxmate PC Software including a navigation function – so you can plot a course using online maps – imagine steering the Tideway Scullers Head without having to constantly correct your course!

Additional apps on the unit include altimeter, compass, cycling app, geocaching, music, photos, ebooks and more.

Coxmate GPS_specifications brochure

Launch price special offer

Rowperfect is offering the Coxmate GPS with a discount until 1 September 2015.

Compare Coxmate prices to NK products

Coxmate GPS £150.00 (launch price is £140.00)

Speedcoach GPS £329.00

Stroke Coach £169.00

XL3 £538.00

XL4  £544.00

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