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Amplification for Dragon Boats

If you paddle a Dragon Boat and want amplification, there a few options for you to consider: Photo … read more

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If you paddle a Dragon Boat and want amplification, there a few options for you to consider:
dragon boat

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Coxmate Audio

This is a brand new product which gives sound amplification.

Coxmate AA+

In addition to amplification this unit adds time and stroke rate information (rating only with a sliding seat).

Both these kits are supplied with a microphone and charger.

With both units you will need to add a wiring harness. 

The options are

Dedicated dragon boat wiring loom 

This includes with Coxmate amplifier attachment at both ends. Single fixed wire with either 2 or 4 speakers.  Note the both end connection is the difference from the rowing loom.

  • 2 speakers 
  • As above with 4 speakers 

These looms are on a 2 week lead time and are a special order please contact us.

Modular wiring speaker system

This is available from stock and is made up in detachable sections which include: Coxmate connection, mid-speaker(s) and an end speaker. 

Harness with 2 speakers 

As above with 4 speakers 

The wiring can be removed from the boat as the speakers and harness are attached to the boat with velcro.

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