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Adjusting erg scores for masters athletes

We got this question from a reader I have used this adjuster  for adjustment of ergo scores, but … read more

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#CarlosDinares talking about @rowperfect this ...
#CarlosDinares talking about @rowperfect this club is amazing they have 7 RPs.

We got this question from a reader

I have used this adjuster  for adjustment of ergo scores, but it uses an algorithm that seems overly generous to older rowers, that is more generous than the BRC handicapping system is. Do you know of an age adjuster that corrects consistently with the handicapping system? Also, something that would be very valuable would be a combined calculator than normalises first for weight and then for age to get a true “fair” comparison

What a great question.

The only erg adjustment algorithm I know of is this one which adjusts for weight
And this one which gives 2k prognostic times aligning masters with other age categories

Now as you probably know, all the scores on a Rowperfect are weight and boat class-adjusted. So you can see your predicted on-water times as 500m splits. Using the 2k prognostic times link above, you can easily see if you’re in the hunt for medals.

Any readers got insight they can add to solve this conundrum?

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