3 Coxing resources to improve your skills

Photo credit: www.wikipedia.org
Photo credit: www.wikipedia.org

Exciting times for Coxswains and coaches as we get ready for a focus on coxing and learning or teaching the skills to steer boats.

    1. Get up to date with the best advice on how to teach and coach coxing with Chelsea Dommert’s Coaching the Coxswain.  Quite simply the only book on the subject.
    2. Listen to coxswains and learn by listening – the Coxswain Resources Page has lots of good  links including bloggers and tweeters who cox and these great audio recordings. [go right to the bottom of the page]
    3. Rowing Illustrated is a discussion forum for rowing hosted by Sean Wolf.  They have a coxswains message section within the main boards index – perfect for our little niche in the sport.

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