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How to get your crew-mates back into rowing after Christmas

I just saw this awesome email. It was sent by “Stacey” (that’s not her real name but there … read more

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I just saw this awesome email. It was sent by “Stacey” (that’s not her real name but there is someone like this in your club too).  She’s a fantastic lady, a stalwart of the club and she has a wonderful skill that is sometimes under-valued. Management.

Stacey has this in spades. She is a busy lady with a job and a family and yet she still volunteers to organise a group of unruly veterans. I’m not suggesting we ask ‘why’ at this point – but I do think we can all learn from Stacey’s techniques.

Here’s her latest email

I read an interesting quote recently “it’s not what you eat between Xmas and New Year that matters…it’s what you eat between New Year and Xmas.”

Same applies to Rowing – COME DOWN – Bad Boy Bone, Anthony, Captain Darling and (almost) Mrs Darling, Messrs Smith (Brian you have a birthday coming up to get in shape for), Princess Fiona, G-boy, the Ford’s, the Bostons, the infamous Hudson boys, Mandy, Maria, Mark, Carol, Sharon, the always omni-present Mr Honeybee – this could be your year to claim back three seat and of course the much loved and adored Mr Nigel – I know you are not rowing but there is always a willing hand to help you out with the single if you feel like a bit of a potter in the sunshine.

We’re meeting at 7.30 on Saturday.  Let me know if you can be there so I can organise crew lists in advance.

Why this is an awesome message

  1. It pulls the ‘guilt’ string.We all know we’ve eaten and drunk too much over the holday period…. this message says come and do something about it with your rowing mates. Use this as an opening sentence to engage the attention of your audience.
  2. It names names.  A list of people [slightly anonymised] sets out her hopes for the group.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to see everyone again?  What a great squad we’d have if everyone came down…. See?  This sets your mind racing.  Somewhere in that list is someone you’d love to row or scull with – maybe there’s someone who you think ought to be on the list and isn’t… this sentence gets you thinking and remembering the people and the fun you have had in the past and could have again in the future.
  3. A clear call to action.  The time and date of the next squad outing.  She says what she’ll do if you say you’ll come.  Having an organised crew motivates everyone because you don’t want to let down 7 or 3 others.  Also, it ensures you can get on the water quickly and there’s no hanging around.

Your challenge for 2012

Find the “Stacey” who is in your club.  You know you’ve got one. And ask if they’d be prepared to manage your group.  Doesn’t matter if you are seniors, veterans, mums – whatever.  Get a group email list together.   And ensure the core training group are committed to supporting Your Stacey and doing what s/he asks.

A little bit of enthusiasm goes a long way in a rowing club.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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