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12 Winter workouts for masters rowers

Paul Hoffman joined our newsletter mailing list some time ago. When you join we encourage you to ask … read more

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Paul Hoffman joined our newsletter mailing list some time ago. When you join we encourage you to ask us questions:winter rowing, winter workouts, rowing in winter

He asked about winter workouts:

What are good winter workouts for masters rowers with busy family lives?

I try to always do two steady state UT2 outings to one with higher intensity. You don’t say how frequently you train, so if you do 3 times a week that would be two UT2 and one intense – but the first two listed below count as steady state in my book.

Are you familiar winter workouts ND  with UT Trainings: The bulk of the training occurs at the lower intensity. Training at the higher intensity is called utilization training 1 (UT1), and training at the lower intensity is called utilization training 2 (UT2)

Here is a short list of my personal favourites winter workouts.

  • 30 minutes UT2 rate 20 – record distance.
  • 40 minutes UT2 at 20 with 1 minute at 24 every ten minutes…. Endurance plus some higher intensity.  See if you can keep the endurance pace when you come down from the higher rates.
  • Power strokes – UT2 rate 18 for 10 minutes then 4 sets of 25 firm at rate 14-16; 25 strokes light. The firm must be hardest you are capable.  End with UT2 for 10 minutes at 18.
  • 4 km at rate 20; 2 km at rate 24 – record time.
  • Pyramid of minutes 3-2-1-2-3 rate changes up or down 2. Start at 18 or 20 and rise up 4. 11 minutes work + warmup.
  • Longer pyramid 4-3-2-1-2-3 is 15 minutes winter workoutst
  • Short intervals 5 x 5 strokes firm 5 strokes light; 5 x 10 strokes firm 10 strokes light; 5 x 15 strokes firm 15 strokes light; 5 x 20 strokes firm 20 strokes light.
  • Ladders – 20 firm and 10 light going up 2 points in rate each time. Start at rate 20 rise to 30; then rest and do a second set starting 2 points higher at 22 to 32.
  • Three lots of 6 minutes firm with 3 mins rest in between.  For the 6 minutes do 3 mins at 20; 2 mins at 22; 1 min at 24. Second set start two points higher in rating; third set start two points lower in rating.
  • 2 x 1000m at sub-maximal pace e.g. rate 28. Allow 5 minutes rest in between. Record times.
  • 2 minutes at rate 20; 2 minutes at rate 22. Repeat for 20 minutes. If you have time do this twice.
  • 15 seconds firm at 2k pace; 15 seconds sitting idle. Repeat for 10 minutes. Note you MUST be very warmed up to do this.

These winter workouts can be done at home on the Erg, or on the water in a single or crew. Most take 45 minutes total, from warm up to warm down.

What are your personal favourite workouts for winter? Have you tried the RP3 Ergos -The only Ergo where you do not lose rowing technique. Check out our shop.

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  1. Just wondering where in the world the photograph of the dock, loch {lake} and mountains was taken for the ’12 winter workouts……………’. Must be a stunning place.

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