10 Steps for getting picked for a rowing crew

10 steps to getting selected for a Rowing team ebook cover

OK you are keen, you have a goal and you know that you want to get picked to race in a specific crew or squad.

Don’t mess it up – planning HOW you are going to get picked is as important as doing the training in order to be fit and skilled 10 steps to getting selected for a Rowing team ebook coverenough to get picked.

Our expert coach, Walter Martindale, sets out a careful plan which you can follow.

How to get selected for a rowing crew

What are the things an athlete needs to do if he or she wants to be part of a rowing team?

If you, an athlete, want to be considered for a “select” team or crew, you need to know some basics about the selection process, and you need to know them well in advance of the selection activities.

This eBook, 10 Steps to Getting Selected for a Rowing Team by Walter Martindale, will help guide you with 10 steps you can take to increase your chances of getting selected for a rowing team.

Rowing involves “Life Skills” too

Remember, top athletes are not just skilled at sport.  They have excellent “life skills” such as personal organisation, managing their time, planning months in advance so that nothing is left to “chance”.

Imagine missing a deadline to submit your erg score and that meant missing selection.

You would think this was a disaster for your selection plan.

Process Management for Rowing

If you have realised that there is a crew or a squad you want to be training with, you need to get really good at planning the process of progressing towards selection.  You do not have to do it alone, having a training partner or a coach or parent to help is useful because selection may not be clear-cut and you need to present yourself in the best possible light.

The volume and intensity of your physical training will vary from 2-3 per week for the beginner trying for a club boat, to a full-time commitment (and then some) for the Olympic Team candidate.

Following these steps will make managing the selection process easier for both athletes and coaches. If you’re fitter and faster than anyone else, it’s relatively straightforward.  But everyone still has to follow the same process and present themselves for consideration.  Doing this “off-water” personal management is as important as training.

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