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New Recruits and the Survival of Rowing Clubs – Walter Martindale


Bound to ruffle a few feathers, Walter launches in with a direct approach to tackling the controversial issue of beginner integration and retention in rowing clubs.

An excellent guide for any club looking to grow their numbers with the intention of producing World class athletes.

“I’ve been hearing a lot about declining participation in rowing.
It seems that to have a strong elite team, the base of “grassroots” people has to be large.
To address participation issues rowing clubs need to provide something that people want to do, in an environment that makes them want to be there, and provide professional service to their customers / members.”

In other words, Walter believes beginners are not receiving the necessary support, incentive or reward to continue with rowing once they find a club.

In this e-book, you will learn tips on how to:

  • minimise beginner attrition
  • make rowing clubs more appealing to beginners
  • facilitate membership growth
  • create a better club culture and integrate club members

And more!


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