Rowing Car Roof Racks are Back

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our range of car roof racks – one that can take EITHER a single scull OR a double scull. How neat!

Car roof rack for rowing boat 1x and 2x
Car roof rack for rowing boat 1x and 2x

Designed in three parts the two end pieces have a conventional V rack to rest your boat on.  But in the middle is an optional mid-section which you insert when carrying a double or pair to make the rack longer.

See all our racking solutions including standalone Car Roof Racks for Singles, Car Roof Racks for 2x or 2- and the combined rack – all on our Shop Racking and Storage category.

Of course car maintenance is important for personal safety. If you need tips maintaining your RV take a read from this helpful site.

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