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Xeno Muller as the ‘armchair’ commentator

I am at home watching the Olympics in an armchair…

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Xeno Muller a former Olympic gold and silver medalist writes on Row2k;

Hello rowers and rowing fans.

My name is Xeno Muller. I won Olympic gold and silver in the men's single scull in 1996 and in 2000. My first Olympics was back in 1992 in Spain. I was invited to add to the Olympic blog on ROW2K and I am PUMPED to do so.

As my title explains, I am at home watching the Olympics via in an armchair… this is going to change. My kids ages 10-9-6 were watching the opening ceremonies and expressed how much fun it would be if dad was going for the 2012 Olympics. My answer: "Kids, say no more, let's do it!" So this morning I did my first official erg workout at home.

Thanks to high definition broadcast via the internet I have had fun observing different rowing styles. My technical background comes from five different countries. I learned to row in France, Switzerland, the United States (Steve Gladstone/Brown University), and my two Olympic coaches, the late Harry Mahon from New Zealand, and Marty Aitken from Australia.

This morning I was comparing the Australian quad to the Italian quad. The Italians finish their stroke further by drawing the handle to the side of the ribcage whereas the Australians keep their hands closer together. Do not expect me to go into the debate as to which style is in the end faster… I certainly enjoy watching both crews hanging of their arms while the legs drive the boat past the blades.

If you like to watch a rowing style that I think is super efficient take a look at the German woman who won the Olympics in 2004, it is amazing. Here is the LINK : I also like the sweep rowing style of the 2000 Olympic gold medalist in the men's eight LINK :

I wish all the Olympic crews their best races ever!!!

Ok, that is it for now. The Olympic rings behind my head were painted by my very dear wife who is super patient with my rowing craziness.

Xeno in Costa Mesa, California.

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