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Single Sculls and Eight finals at the Olympics in Tokyo!

Final day of the rowing competition at the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo! Here are the results of the … read more

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Final day of the rowing competition at the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo!

Here are the results of the Single Sculls and the Eight at the final event!

Women’s Single Sculls

The Women Single sculls was won by Emma Twigg (New Zealand), who also set up a new Olympic Best Time. Silver was taken by Hanna Prakatsen (Russian Olympic Committee) and Bronze by Magdalena Lobnig (Austria).

  1. New Zealand (7:13.97)
  2. ROC (7:17.39 +3.42)
  3. Austria (7:19.72 +5.75)

Men’s Single Sculls

Another new Olympic Best was set by Stefanos Ntouskos (Greece), who not only took the gold medal but also managed to stay first throughout the complete race. Silver was taken by Kjetil Borch (Norway) and bronze by Damir Martin (Croatia).

  1. Greece (6:40.45)
  2. Norway (6:41.66 +1.21)
  3. Croatia (6:42.58 +2.13)

Women’s Eight

Something similar happened at the Women’s eight where the Canadian boat took the lead in the beginning and stayed first until the end. It was a close race with New Zealand who came second. Bronze was taken by China, their first medal at the Women’s eight.

  1. Canada (5:59.13)
  2. New Zealand (6:00.04 +0.91)
  3. China (6:01.21 +2.08)

Men’s Eight

A really close race until the end happened at the Men’s Eight, which was decided by a foot finish in the end. Gold was taken by New Zealand, followed closely by Germany and Great Britain.

  1. New Zealand (5:24.64)
  2. Germany (5:25.60 +0.96)
  3. Great Britain (5:25.73 +1.09)

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