World Rowing Championships update: Day 5


Men’s single scull: Semi final C/D.  Three crews go to the C final.  Croatian Mario Vekic won in 7:32 from Malcolm Howard of Canada and Lukas Babac of Slovakia.  Duncan Free of Australia won the other race in 7:35 from Roel Braas of the Netherlands and Vladislav Ryabcev of Russia.  Both the second and third placed crews were U23 this season.
Men’s lightweight four: Semi final A/B.  Three crews go to the A final.  Light head wind. Japan lead out and have half a length lead which is gradually eroded by half way when the Swiss and Australians start to close up.  By 1250 the Australians and Swiss are both chasing second place while the Chinese lead and by the 1500m marker the Danes lead.  At 1750 crews have closed up and Japan is out of the running and China have a slight lead and the Netherlands are closing fast.  They all sprint and the Swiss lose out as the Australians (6:21.88) come through to take third place behind winners China (6:20.97) and the Netherlands (6:21.1).  Japan and Denmark go with the Swiss to the B final.
A tight start to the second race and by 500m the British are a canvas ahead which they maintain through the 75- when Italy come level.  At half way the British lead the Italians by one second and are followed by USA 2.5 seconds behind.  The British lead by half a length at 1500m but the Germans have now overtaken the Italians to second place by 1.3 seconds all crews rating 35.  Coming into the final 300m the British have 3/4 length lead and are easing away but this closes down to half a length as the following French and Italians sprint and Germany comes in second in 6:22.1; Italians 6:23.04 and France fourth in 6:23.49 – winning time 6:20.48.
Men’s pair: Semi final A/B. Three crews go to the A final.  Light head wind. The Italians take the early initiative and lead out to 500m with the British alongside.  NZ is a canvas back.  By 750 these three crews are out in front of the rest with NZ inching out to 2 foot lead.  1000m and NZ do a big push as they leave the marker 0.25 seconds ahead of the British and Italy 1 second behind.  The push produces a half length lead and they continue to move away so by 1500m they have 2.05 seconds and nearly a length in front with Italy trailing by 7 seconds.  Nobody else is in this boat race.  New Zealand take clear water as the British crew slows down in last 200m to win by 6:50 from 6:57 and Italy third qualifying.
Second heat is led by the Greeks who get to half way two seconds ahead of Germany with Serbia close behind.  These three crews broke clear of the rest and Spain hung on but is now dropping back.  At 1500m the Greeks at 36 rate have 3/4 length on Germans at 35 who hold their push to 2/3 length but France starts to close fast rating high.  Serbia takes the rate up to 40 and French respond – both crews raise the rate to 43 and 41 for the line and the French take the third qualifying place.  Winning time 6:58 Greece, Germany second, France third.
Women’s single sculls: Semi final A/B. Three crews go to the A final.  Light head wind. After 500m the Belarus and Czech sullers are clear out in front of the rest and New Zealand’s Emma Twigg a little behind.  These three are unchallenged by USA, Britain and Ukraine who all progress to the B final.  Karsten of Belarus wins rating 31 one length ahead of Knapkova of Czech Republic with New Zealand third.
Sweden’s Frida Svensson takes a fast start to the second heat and has one length clear of the field after 100m rating 34.  She continues to build her advantage to three lengths clear at 500m now rating 32 and holds this through the middle of the race.  Coming into the last 600m Obradovic of Serbia pushes up to gain an overlap with the Russian sculla Levina in third place.  Sweden lifts her rate to 33 to maintain her lead in last 400m winning by 1.5 lengths in 7:46 from Serbia and Russia.  Germany, China and Spain go to the B final.
Men’s single sculls: Semi final A/B. Three crews go to the A final.  Light head wind.  After a restart Mahe Drysdale leads the race into the first marker at 500m rating 32 with Synek of Czech Republic at 34.  The chinese sculler Liang Zhang is third.  They hold this through the midway with one foot between the leading two boats.  They hold this through to 400m to go when NZ shifts to half a length in front and both finish rating 31 – winnin time 7:12.  Behind them a third place battle develops between Tim Maeyens and Zhang of China for the third slot, Maeyens sprinting from 500m to go in order to make up a length but the Chinese holds him off to take third qualifying slot.  Belgium, Germany and Estonia go to the B final.
Alan Campbell of Britain has a fast start with Spik of Slovenia and the two lead the pack out to 500m with Lassi Karonen and Olaf Tufte of Sweden and Norway close behind.  By half way Tufte is one length off third place and looks out of the race but he’s rating 35 and the others are at 33/32.  At 1500m Britain and Slovenia continue to lead and Norway and Sweden are fighting for third rting 37 and 36 respectively.  Campbell wins in 7:10 from Slovenia and Norway both 2 seconds back with Sweden losing out and heading to the B final with USA and Lithuania.
Women’s eight: Repecharge.  2 crews go to A final. The Dutch lead out of the blocks and have taken a half length lead by 500m as New Zealand come through the pack to second.  At 1000m Dutch rate 36, New Zealand move into second rating 38 and China third at 34.  the Dutch increase their lead at 1500 taking 3/4 length rating 37 while a battle royal develops behind between China at 37 and New Zealand 40.  These two continue to up their rating to 42 and 43 with Germany gaining all the time.  On the line the Chinese take second in 6:26 from NZ 6:28 and the Dutch win half a length in front in 6:25.
Men’s eight: repecharges. Two crews go to A final.  Canada takes a length lead at 500m in the first rep with New Zealand and USA a canvas apart vying for the valued second place.  Half way and Canada’s lead is reduced to half a length with USA a quarter length behind NZ rating 38.  These two continue to erode Canada’s lead down to a canvas at 1500m and there is one foot between USA and NZ who are second into the marker and Canada is run down as NZ take the lead at 1750 rating 40 closely followed by USA.  Both crews sprint and USA wins by one canvas in 5:38 from New Zealand in 5:39 and Canada one length behind in 5:42.  They are joined in the B final by Russia and Ukraine.
The second rep is led by the Polish crew with China and Australia close behind.  At half way the Poles have half a length from Australia and China all rating 38 and the Dutch at 39 move up to third equal with China.  By 1500 Australia has taken the lead with a 3/4 length margin and there is 2 feet between the following three crews.  1750 and Australia at 39.5 continue to lead with Dutch at 38 and Chinese at 45 and nothing to pick between these two.  Australia win by 1/3 length in 5:38 and after a long wait the results are Netherlands 5:40.09 and China 5:40.12 and a photo finish.


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