World Championships Day 6

Rowing Voice does daily updates of the racing at Poznan for £3 – plus snippets on the Twitter feed @rowingvoice  which is worth reading for weather reports, practice session reports and some funnies. We commend them to you. Or subscribe for a year .

See audio podcast interviews wtih GBR M1x Campbell,  GBR W2- Whitlam, GBR M2- Hodge and Reed, GBR Team Manager Tanner, GBR M1x Campbell and GBR M4- Langridge

Race of the day was LM4- which ended with a photo finish between Denmark and Germany .  Roll on a fine final for that medal!  And the M4x will be a fine battle between Poland and Germany as well.

Australia have eight crews into finals and yesterday qualified M4x and LW2x both in third for the A finals and there's a good photo gallery too.

USA has a lacklustre day with the  qualifying LW1x and leaving LM4-, LW2x and M4x disappointed.  Row2k race summary and photo galleries.

New Zealand adds LM2x and LM1x to their eight-crews in the final roster. Sounds like Duncan Grant will need to go a lot faster in the final.

Canada also has 8 crews in the final Yesterday LW2x and LM2xboth qualified.

Great Britain race summary and a claim of 11 crews into A finals  including WL2x and ML2x with only LM1x missing out.

If you have time, do read the Row2k blogs from the worlds there are some nice insights.

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