Wireless in-boat coaching advice

Hello everyone, we got a question from a reader in Switzerland – and we don’t know the answer.

Can you help us with some recommendations?

I am a masters rower here in Staefa, Switzerland. As a active member of our masters eight I am sometimes doing the coaching in the boat as well. The problem is, that my mates sitting behind me have trouble hearing me and when I am rowing you can’t turn yourself constantly towards the bow in order to speak.

When we have our training sessions without a cox (steering by foot by the stroke) there is no opportunity to pass my instructions to the coxswain who can transfer them over the coxbox to the team. Therefore I am looking for a solution that allows a wireless connection (bluetooth or similar) to the coxbox. The microphone with the transmitter should be designed in a way which makes it comfortable to wear.  As a counterstroke [bow side] I sit not far away from the coxseat where the cox box is fitted. Therefore there won’t be a very strong transmitting power needed.

Maybe you sell already a system which is able to meet my requirements. I wouldn’t mind to replace the coxbox which is about 20 years old.

We are sure this isn’t an isolated situation – what do other clubs do?  Please help by using the comments below to tell us what you do.

Or if we find a solution – tell us if you’d like to buy a rig for your club.

UPDATE from Coxmate

All our Coxmate units (SX and AA+) have provision for an extra input (in addition to microphone). You could buy an intercom for motorbike riders and connect the output (normally connected to earpiece) from receiving unit into this. I suspect there may be other Bluetooth or other devices which will do the same.  Peter Hodson, Coxmate.

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