Why consider buying Coxmate for your cox amplification?

Some views….

Jonty Faulkner of Exeter University Boat Club – owner of two SRT Coxmates

I have been looking around for a while for new coxing equipment.  The NKs are outrageously expensive for what they are.  And we have had bad luck with the Row Data ones in the past.   We are thinking 'why not' try the Coxmate?  Everything looks good about it including the price.

Peter Cawston of Edinburgh University Boat Club – owner of SCT Coxmate and impeller for 8+

I coach at Edinburgh Uni, though this would be a personal purchase as they can't afford one (and I am kidding myself that I can).   I found out about Coxmate because I was scouring the web for a device that would measure check (or min/max velocity in your case).

Christopher Shawcross of Phyllis Court Boat Club – owner of AA Coxmate which they sent back for repair and a quick (half-day) turn-round before a regatta.  We posted it back and it arrived on the morning of the regatta by special delivery.

It arrived on time, yes thank you – it was all they talked about all day!

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