Where to buy a single scull boat?

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I’m looking for a 85/95Kg 1 x racing shell – where can I get one?

Rowperfect doesn’t sell boats, but we have written a couple of articles which may help you when searching for a second hand boat

Resources for buying Rowing Boats

Facebook groups

Buy new sculling boats

The UK boatbuilders

  • Carl Douglas
  • Janousek / Stampfli (sell both brands)
  • Burgashell

Imported boats with local agents in UK

  • Empacher (Germany)
  • Filippi (Italy)
  • Vespoli (USA)
  • Wintech (China)
  • Swift (China)
  • Hudson (Canada)
  • BBG (Germany)
  • Fluidesign (Canada)
  • Resolute (USA)
  • Kiwi International Racing Skiffs KIRS (New Zealand) [2018 no longer trading – now Laszlo Boats]
  • Sykes (Australia)

There are others but I do not know if they have a local UK agent.  Full list of Rowing Boat Manufacturers

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