Buying second hand sculling oars in UK

A reader asks where the best place to go for second hand sculls.

Two slick blade sculls. The "blades"...
Two slick blade sculls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have found the best places are or the Rowing service Noticeboard where folks advertise theirs for sale.

For a new pair WaterRower are the uk agent for Croker. Ask for ex demo pairs as they may be cheaper.


5 thoughts on “Buying second hand sculling oars in UK

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  2. Paul Mead says:

    I’ve just started rowing and have been using a pair of standard wooden oars. I’m looking for a pair of sculls, ideally second hand, which would take me to the next level.

    Do you have anything which might be of interest to me?



      • robert brownsea says:

        hi anne.
        my no. 07491 937574
        I had kind of done my thing with the rowing, at my best I rowed 40 miles
        just recently I did three bike rides to, oxford Weston super mare and Weymouth via Dorchester,
        now as I got back I was thinking about what I have just learnt about the bike ride, reasoning said jump straight on the water and go back to Weymouth using the oars.
        so I have started training again, now next Wednesday I plan to row to beaulie.

        if I can I would like a pair of blades with me, just incase I get into trouble with bad weather.
        can you help me out ,
        Iet me know what you are asking for your sculling blades.

        thanks Robert brownsea.

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