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What’s the best erg for a single sculler?

Whats the best erg for someone wanting to row single scull but needs to do a lot of … read more

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Whats the best erg for someone wanting to row single scull but needs to do a lot of land training due to weather. C2 Dynamic or a RP3?

I would personally say if you want to be a “technical” sculler choose the RP3 and if you want to be a strong 2k test rower choose the C2.

What I think is more important, is deciding for yourself what outcomes you want that align with your personal rowing goals.  You see, if getting a good 2k score is going to get you selected for a crew, then train on the C2.  But if you want to keep boat going fast and maintain your on-water skills, train on the RP because it is more like water rowing or sculling.

  • And so I’m going to suggest you listen to this RowingChat podcast recording with Carlos Dinares.
    Start at the beginning and hear what he says around 50 seconds in explaining how he uses Rowperfect classic as an aide to coaching himself in a single scull.
  • At 2:28 minutes he says he found that the RP classic wasn’t comfortable and he explained how to rig the RP like his boat. Foot stretcher, loading, seat height.
  • At 3:45 he explains how he found out that the RP will improve his sculling technique
  • And at 6.00 he describes how his sculling got better after a few days only using RP.

Second Hand RPs for sale

Alan Campbell by Alan Campbell by

We have two second hand RP Classics for sale in our shop – make us an offer for a quick sale.

Alan Campbell the GB single sculler is selling his RP3 machine which he owns personally.  Contact us and we’ll introduce you to Alan if you’re in UK and want to get your hands on a top machine for a fair price.  Alan has erged exclusively on RP3 for the past two Oympiads.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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