What’s a suitable boat racking system?

We are in the final design stage for the construction of a new boathouse and are looking at specifications for fitting out the proposed boat storage areas. With this in mind we are trying to determine a suitable boat racking system, particularly one incorporating extending racks. I note from your brochure that you have provided this sort of system. Since we don’t have the new building yet and only have provisional plans from the Architects, it is a little difficult to project the expected layout, although we do have prospective details for numbers and types of boats. Could you at least give us a provisional guide to costs?

All boat rack parts are listed on our web shop under Storage and Racking

But Dave Hudson has  demo units which he can show you or post to you for appraisal. The only cost to you is the postage to get it back to us.

If you’d like the demo, please contact us and we will be in touch about shipping delivery dates.

Space Saver Oar Brackets
Scull or Sweep Oar Brackets
Space Saver Wing Brackets
Space Saver Wing Brackets
Sweep & Scull racks
Sweep & Scull racks
Space Saver scull oar rack rowing
Space Saver scull oar rack detail
Boat racks extended


Sliding racking retracted
Sliding racking retracted

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