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What The Coxswain Actually Does

Characteristics Of The Coxswain Stands around 5 ft 2 in Weighs no more than 110 lbs. Directs and … read more

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Coxswain Appreciation

Characteristics Of The Coxswain

  • Stands around 5 ft 2 in
  • Weighs no more than 110 lbs.
  • Directs and steers the boat for crew
  • Sits normally in the stern but in certain 4 person crews in the bow
  • Has a voice that can be heard for miles
  • Is seen toting around water bottles, shoes, socks, and the ever popular cox box
  • Has a mysterious tan line in the middle of his or her forehead from the strap attached to the microphone on the cox box
  • Upon winning a race, the coxswain is thrown into the (often very dirty) water
  • He or she is in charge of directing practices, calling races, and making certain that the $30,000 boat does not hit any other objects such as a bridge, floating log, another boat, or a dock


Be Sure To Show Your Coxswain Appreciation After Each Race/Training


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