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Ways to add new members to a training group

‘ve got a problem with newcomers joining the group I coach at my rowing club.  How can I … read more

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‘ve got a problem with newcomers joining the group I coach at my rowing club.  How can I integrate them?

The difficult thing with beginners when they are very novicey as the original members get

Young rowers Young rowers

frustrated if they feel they are being held back.

Advice from a UK rowing club coach

I have been coaching beginners and what seems to work best there is that they do their own thing in smaller boats with coaching for most of the time, but there is a set group session every week where at least one person gets to row in the ‘senior’ 8 as a way of bringing them on/letting them experience what good rowing feels like.  

I had success with the new ones last year by making them race in novice fours over the winter – they were a bit unsure at first but came through considerably stronger as a result. There were 3 set groups of 4 so it encouraged a bit of competition between the crews. They also did lots of erg sessions that got them noticed and respected by existing group!

I also got them to row both sides so makes them more flexible than the existing group members who can’t do this. The original group of athletes were also invited to stretch their powers by coxing, coaching and subbing (learning to row on the other side). 

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