Warming up for rowing – How to get it right Part 1

For all Indoor rowing warming up your body is essential to getting the most out of your workout.  Knowing your own body and how you warm up best will help you plan and prepare  for racing and fitness training.

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...
Drilling in physical exercise in middies and bloomers, … (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

As a coach you need to ensure all your athletes are warmed up before they start the hard work in a training session.  Until each athlete knows their own body well, you will have to set the same warm up for everyone.

Warm up number 1

This is the traditional warm up used by British Rowing clubs

  • Arms only rowing (20 strokes)
  • Arms and body rowing
  • Quarter slide
  • Half slide
  • Three quarter slide
  • Full slide
  • Square blades (may be done from the start)
  • Pressure increases as the athlete warms up until they are at low rating firm pressure.

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