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Boat Lights – it’s autumn get your lights out

It’s autumn, evenings and mornings are getting darker and so lights on your boats are essential and part … read more

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It’s autumn, evenings and mornings are getting darker and so lights on your boats are essential and part of the by-laws of many rivers in the world.

Rowperfect helps you find good, reliable lights suitable for use on rowing boats.

Barnes Bridge Ladies Boat Club Boat Lights

Suction Stern LIght

  • Bow light, for Empacher slot
  • Stern light, for rudder post or with strap
  • Suction cap for bow or stern
  • Pricing: All lights – £19 each, or £34.50 per pair, except stern post lights £1 less per light.  Add Post Packing – £3.20 for first pair, £1.00 additional pairs.

Rowing Boat Lights from The Bike Light Shop

A specialist for bicycles but with a page dedicated to lights suitable for attaching to rowing boats.  I commend the Frog lights as I’ve had them for 4 years and never had to replace batteries!

  • 12 lights including Knog Frog Lights which attach using a rubber loop around a tab so can go on a rigger

    Knogg Frog Gecko Light

  • Their Frog Gekko 3 includes a strobe option which may reassure you about being spotted from afar
  • Cateye and conventional bike lights from SigmaSport LEDs also offered
  • Prices from £10 to £20
  • Free post and packing on UK Standard 5 day delivery – some are delivered by bike! 

Based in Australia this specialist rowing company just does lights that fit into a bow number (Empacher) slot.  If your river has requirements for red and green lights these are a must.  We also like their long pointy light which we know from experience, is visible over medium-sized waves – and who doesn’t occasionally row on windy days and wonder why they don’t get seen?

Laser Stik light

  • Bow white light with elastic lanyard to loop around the bow ball in case it falls out of the slot.  It has 3 variations of 1,2 and 3 lights giving near all-round visibility. Also offered in red/green and red/green/white light combinations.
  • Best value is the Laser Stik pictured which is cheapest ($18) and gives height to your light.  We’ve seen similar and find they aren’t very bright in lumens.
  • Guardian lights – a single light which can be clipped to a head band or belt. Come in amber or green colours.
  • Prices are in Australian $ and equate to approximately £11 – 44.00 each.


Rowperfect readers can get 12% off the Bike Light Shop by using a discount code “Rowperfect” at the checkout.  Enjoy!

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