Videoing a single sculler

Here is the latest video uploaded from Nick Garratt – Nick coaches at Mosman in Australia and is very generous sharing the video he shoots of his athletes.  What I love is that they come un-adorned.  They are normal athletes trying to go fast in boats and so are good models for club athletes elsewhere.

When videoing rowers 4 things to check

  1. Did you video square off from the athlete?
  2. Can you see the stern throughout the stroke – does it dip and if so when and by how much?
  3. Did you do a close-up which can be used for slow motion replay?
  4. When videoing directly behind (astern) what does this show you?

If you had taken this video – what points would you raise with your athlete on things he could improve?

When analysing video there are two ways to do it – tell the athlete what you see or ask them what they see and would like to change.

My questions to the athlete would be:

  1. If the water had been rougher would he have looked as good?
  2. Which parts of the stroke is he’s rowing really well?
  3. Look closely at his shoulders – are they relaxed at the catch and through the drive?
  4. How would you improve the “grip” of the oar in the water at the catch?
  5. Does a tall athlete like this need to row to full compression at the catch?
  6. Is there a difference in his technique between the early piece and the racing start he does later?

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