User trial waterproof socks – can you help?


Waterproof rowing socks

Do you row in winter? Do you get wet feet and wish they were warm and dry?  Rowperfect just took delivery of some new waterproof rowing socks and we would like them tested out by our readers.

Are you rowing in the Southern Hemisphere?

This is the moment Rowperfect acknowledges that we favour the northern hemisphere rowing nations.  We are sorry and apologise.

To make it up to all our fans in Latin America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, we have organised a user product trial that is perfect for you.  Right now.

We want folks who are rowing in winter right now to get in touch on the comments below.
Tell us where you row (Town and Country name) what your shoe size is and why you need waterproof socks for your rowing.  We have 2 pairs ready to send to you – in exchange will you try them for 2 rows and then write us a review about them and whether they worked for you?

Hooray for Southern Rowers.


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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Reg Mauderer

    Row in Australia…Hobart. Right now its blinking freezing.
    Shoe size is US 10-11 (dependent on shoe type/style).
    Need waterproof socks so some part of my anatomy has a chance of being warm when the fog descends, the rain unexpectedly arrives or the Mona ferry sends a tidal wave into the boat.

  2. Veronique Gibbons

    I tried Porrell Dry socks in the UK about 15 years ago. They were inflexible and didn’t ‘mould’ to my foot but they were waterproof. I’d love to try a new pair to see of dry socks have progressed.

  3. Heather Gavin

    Nothing worse than cold wet toes! Size 8. Would love to try these socks. Shellharbour City Rowing Club New South Wales Australia

  4. Marie Davis

    Hands up for a trial! Rowed in the rain and hail last Sunday, the wind chill made 8 degrees felt like 0.4. This is Melbourne Australia, in winter. We row in a club’s double fitted with adjustable shoes… they are made of plastic and have holes – some would say fully breathable, they are perfect to try waterproof socks as water gets through. Shoe size is UK 6 women x2 (including my crew)

  5. Federica Matteoli

    Hallo! I’m a master athlete and row almost everyday in Torino, northern Italy. I always row in winter and often late in the evening when it’s dark and wet, so I’d like very much to test the waterproof socks! My size is women 39 (ITA), 6 (UK), 6.5 (USA). Thank you very much!

  6. Suzy Scorer

    Hi, I row at Blenheim in the South Island of New Zealand. I have tried various bootees but my feet still freeze to the point of chilblains as they are not waterproof….I think all my blood stays in my heart and my extremities are left to fend for themselves. I would love to have warm feet, I’m sure I would go faster! I will happily write a review for you too. My shoe size is UK 5.5 or NZ 8. Cheers!

    1. Pam humphreys

      Whoops I think I sent a response to someone else. I row for Derwent mercantile collegiate rowing club in Hobart Tasmania , member of the masters squad. We do not have pontoons at our club we walk into the freezing water in winter and our skin tingles with the cold. My ten little toes would be happy to model your range and quality test the product. Regards Pam humphreys

  7. Dylan Sutherland

    Our son rows in Cape Town South Africa. Firstly it is freezing cold on the water, water gets in the boat and feet get sopping wet and cold making it very challenging gong to maintain feeling in them.

    He is a size 9 and more than happy to let you know how your socks fair!

  8. Pam humphreys

    Forgot my shoe size 10

  9. Gordon Ellis

    We are husband and wife rowing with City of Swansea in a mixed double. We boat from a slip which involves wading into the water , either in wellies, often misjudging the water depth leaving wellies full of water, or with rock shoes. Definitely wet feet all year round and now approaching 70 years of age, with Raynard’ these socks sound fantastic. I am uk size 10 and my wife size 6. Both very willing to help you

    1. Colin Barratt

      That’s the first time I knew City of Swansea was in the Southern Hemisphere!

  10. Maude O'Connell

    I row in the deep south on Lake Dunstan at Cromwell, South Island New Zealand. I often row in freezing conditions or fog. My feet get wet putting my boat in the water and they never warm up again until Im home! It would be heaven to have warm feet during my row. I am a size 6. Thanks from the bottom of my feet!

  11. pamela pearson

    I live in Western Australia and row out of Champion Lakes rowing club. It gets very cold in winter and we often launched our boats from the shore. Rowing with wet feet is not good as it takes longer to warm up. I am size 6 or 37.

  12. Ken Price

    I am captain of boats at Murdoch University Rowing Club, which, despite its name has nearly all masters rowers several in their late 60’s. some insist on wearing booties to launch boats (we launch from a sandy beach on the Canning River. the booties are big and are wrecking the shoes in the boats so waterproof socks might save us (me) a lot of repair work. Happy to write a review if they work and I can get people to change. I am size 45 (UK/Aust = 10) and so are some of the women with whom I will share the test.

  13. Kathy Ride

    Hi Rebecca. I row in Perth, Western Australia. In Western Australia we have our racing season in autumn/winter because it is too windy and too hot in summer to hold regattas. I am a masters rower at Curtin University Boat Club. We row on the Canning River and launch our boats from the bank so that in winter we are often standing in water that is 0C (very cold). The ground is very rocky (good for stubbing frozen toes). I have bad circulation in my hands and feet and often can’t feel my toes during the row! I would love to try out your waterproof socks and am happy to write a review for you. I wear UK size 6.5 (US size 9).

  14. Diane Ziff

    I row in Whistler, British Columbia , Canada until late November when the lake freezes and I start again in March as soon as there is a thaw – water is cold all the time except in the warm summer months of July and August – canadian size 8 – thank you and would love to test them

  15. Lester Waugh

    I’ve been rowing with waterproof socks in the UK for a couple of years now and must say I like them in the winter. Your feet stay dry and therefore warmer – even if your legs are wet and cold, your feet stand a better chance of staying warm if kept dry. They provide that bit of extra comfort for those cold days and evenings.

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Thanks for the tip Lester.

  16. Rebecca Fagan

    Wow these sound too good to be true!!! Our masters women’s quad would be happy to review them at Nagambie Rowing Club in Victoria, Australia. Have been rowing in subzero temps this winter and there have been a lot of complaints about freezing wet and slippery feet in our boat!!! A larger pair of size 41 and a smaller pair of about 38-9 would have about 6 of us trial them for you.

  17. Ashley Dillon

    Spend many hours in an old leaky coaching launch with soggy feet in Melbourne Australia teaching juniors to scull. Moved from Uk 4 years ago and everyone forgot to mention its cold wet and windy here in the winter. Would love a pair of size 8’s please

  18. Frank Dean

    I row at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand on the Oreti River near the head outside of Invercargill. Because we have a gravel slip (or mud at low tide) I always get wet feet (they’re bare until I get in the boat) and sometimes on the cold frosty mornings put on two layers of socks to try warm my feet once in. We have a variable climate down south so sometimes in winter it’s wind and rain, or worse hail although in truth not been to bad this year, lots of calm. I’d love to try a pair of socks if any available size 44 (9.5) Thanks Frank

  19. antoinette gussenhoven

    I row in Canada and it is summer right now but I would be very interested to hear your reviews, I have rowed in the winter with Goretex socks over my regular socks. It keeps my feet dry and warm but it’s not ideal for boats with smaller shoes, would love to have a better solution.

  20. Cassidy Mckinon

    Would love love love to trial these socks, wish I had them 6 weeks ago when I rowed 32km’s down the Vaal river in Johannesburg South Africa. Mid winter At 6am before the sun rose with a temperature of 2 degrees. Such an awesome experience to row in my first “Long row”. My feet are size 7. Would love to share some of the crazy pics we took

  21. Michael Dorbeck

    Some of the rowers at Westlake Boys High School senior squad are very keen to try these socks. And what better place to trial the socks than with schoolboy rowing who can test the socks for their warmth, weatherproofness but as importantly for their durability. The boys are out on water about 5 times a week at the moment in both salt and freshwater environments. Size 9 up to 11 would be fantastic.

  22. Lisa Bates

    Also row in Melbourne, Australia. Have to walk into the water to place the boat and yes it’s still ffffreezing here! Size UK 6 for me! Happy to trial in my various combinations of boats!

  23. Nicholas Tanner

    I row in Canberra, Australia. Waterproof socks would be great on those negative degree mornings to keep my feet warm and stop the freezing lake water, fog or rain from freezing them. Most mornings in winter you lose sensations in your feet and it just isn’t a pleasant feeling to row with for 2 hours. Shoe size US 15. These socks would be a game changer for winter rowing

  24. Berry Straver

    Where I go out, the rain is without any doubt twice as wet as anywhere on the northern hemisphere. Let’s see if they can stand the ultimate test in Leiden, Netherlands (seize 43).

  25. Brian

    These are not just for the winter, the ramp to our boat pontoon is under water at high tide when the moon is full. I use lightweight waterproof socks in the summer and switch to heavier ones in the winter. I am in England so will wait for the verdict from our Southern Hemisphere friends.

  26. Diana Seehafer

    Since rowing in Germany (Ruder-Club Aschaffenburg) can be cold and wet in the winter I have been wearing Waterproof socks (Sealskinz Mid-Crew) with a thin Merino sock for 5 years. Fantastic. Wouldn’t mind trying another brand. EUR size 38 would be perfect. Thanks

  27. Ashley Ringshaw

    London, UK. Size 4. Sculler whose shoes will not fit in own boat so feet wet when rain just walking from boathouse to landing stage.

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