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User trial waterproof socks – can you help?

Do you row in winter? Do you get wet feet and wish they were warm and dry?  Rowperfect … read more

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Waterproof rowing socks

Do you row in winter? Do you get wet feet and wish they were warm and dry?  Rowperfect just took delivery of some new waterproof rowing socks and we would like them tested out by our readers.

Are you rowing in the Southern Hemisphere?

This is the moment Rowperfect acknowledges that we favour the northern hemisphere rowing nations.  We are sorry and apologise.

To make it up to all our fans in Latin America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, we have organised a user product trial that is perfect for you.  Right now.

We want folks who are rowing in winter right now to get in touch on the comments below.
Tell us where you row (Town and Country name) what your shoe size is and why you need waterproof socks for your rowing.  We have 2 pairs ready to send to you – in exchange will you try them for 2 rows and then write us a review about them and whether they worked for you?

Hooray for Southern Rowers.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

3 thoughts on “User trial waterproof socks – can you help?

  1. I row in Whistler, British Columbia , Canada until late November when the lake freezes and I start again in March as soon as there is a thaw – water is cold all the time except in the warm summer months of July and August – canadian size 8 – thank you and would love to test them

  2. Would love love love to trial these socks, wish I had them 6 weeks ago when I rowed 32km’s down the Vaal river in Johannesburg South Africa. Mid winter At 6am before the sun rose with a temperature of 2 degrees. Such an awesome experience to row in my first “Long row”. My feet are size 7. Would love to share some of the crazy pics we took

  3. Some of the rowers at Westlake Boys High School senior squad are very keen to try these socks. And what better place to trial the socks than with schoolboy rowing who can test the socks for their warmth, weatherproofness but as importantly for their durability. The boys are out on water about 5 times a week at the moment in both salt and freshwater environments. Size 9 up to 11 would be fantastic.

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