Upgrade to Coxmate SX and SRT Firmware

 Peter Hodson, the founder of Coxmate writes:

We have seen instances where battery run time has been inexplicably short, and have discovered a firmware bug which can contribute to this. The effect is influenced by how you use Coxmate units and many users will not have noticed any problem.

We have created an upgraded firmware to overcome this problem.

Leaving your Coxmate on charge

The problem occurs when charger is left connected to the Coxmate unit for long periods with battery at 100%. In this condition the battery will continue to display 100% but will slowly discharge.

This upgrade makes several improvements to the battery management system, so even if you have not experienced problems, then you may still wish to upgrade.

If you are experiencing problems and want to wait until end of the season before upgrading the firmware, then you can negate the effects of this problem as follows:

For SX, select impeller speed sensor, then for both SRT+ or SX, leave unit ON and connected to a speaker loom overnight.  The objective is to get the battery accumulator % down to or near to 0%.

Get an upgrade

If you are experiencing short battery run time, then please arrange to return the unit to Rowperfect UK for a firmware upgrade.   Rowperfect UK, La Boit, 41 Hamhaugh Island, Shepperton, Middx TW17 9LP/

We are offering this firmware upgrade for all customers with SRT+ and SX units. For units less than one year old we will upgrade at no cost. For older units there will be a nominal cost of £15. This includes cost of return postage.

Print this and include this information with the Coxmate.



Return postal address…………………




Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Peter Hodson

Coxmate Manufacturer

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