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An update from Team Oar Raisers – Trans Atlantic Rowing Competitors

Guest Post Series from Atlantic Race competitor, Tom Dignum This is a new blog series for Rowperfect from two brave … read more

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Guest Post Series from Atlantic Race competitor, Tom Dignum

This is a new blog series for Rowperfect from two brave souls – Tom and Chris – who will be competing in the Woodvale Challenge Trans Atlantic race in November.   The adventurous pair will be rowing 2500 nautical miles over 3 months, from the Canary Islands to Antigua, one of the most challenging rowing competitions in existence.   We’ve sponsored them with our MK-1 Oarlocks, so check the site monthly to see how Tom and Chris are getting on.

This month the Oar Raisers have been at their busiest, fundraising to cover final costs of equipment and necessities while trying to make as much for the charity as possible.

More importantly I am waiting on a newly welded rigger so I can complete my set of two pairs of oarlocks on the boat.  I am confident in their structure and with this weekends happenings we hope to have a live video feed from the boat while we are crossing.  This means all you budding and seasoned rowers out there can see them in action.  At this point we will be clothed for all you viewers!

We are due to depart from Puerto De Mogan, Gran Canaria on the 25th November dependant on the weather.  You can track us on our website. We can also be found on facebook.

Without companies like Rowperfect and others this journey would have been a lot more expensive and almost impossible.  So from the Oar Raisers we have to say a huge thank you.  It is nice to see that sport is nurtured through companies like yourself.  It also shows how confident Rowperfect is in their product as they will not be tested as thoroughly as they will be crossing the Atlantic.  The stresses and strains they will be placed under will be more than any other journey!

Until next time,
Tom Dignum

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