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Team Oar Raisers at the Lodestar Festival

This is a blog series for Rowperfect from two brave souls – Tom and Chris– who will be competing in the … read more

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This is a blog series for Rowperfect from two brave souls – Tom and Chris– who will be competing in the Woodvale Challenge Trans Atlantic race in December.   The adventurous pair will be rowing 2500 nautical miles over 3 months, from the Canary Islands to Antigua, one of the most challenging rowing competitions in existence.   We’ve sponsored them with our MK-1 Oarlocks, so check the site monthly to see how Tom and Chris are getting on.

Hello again from Team Oar Raisers

Again we have had a busy month promoting the cause and our challenge which has now been brought forward to November the 25th. The weekend just passed, we were at Lodestar Festival in Lode as one of the registered sponsors of the festival. This is a Cambridge based festival which gave us great exposure to local people and rowers.

The local rowers that saw the gates were very much impressed by the design and how different it was to a standard gate. I had standard gates on display to show the differences and inefficiency of standard gates.

We now have a wonderful Rowperfect sticker on our boat. Thank you to all those who are sponsoring us there! We will be taking standard gates as spares but the Rowerfect Magik gates will be left on to start and I expect them to also finish the journey. They are far sturdier and robust than the standard gate. I have no doubt they will last the journey of 3000 miles, strong waves and the saltiest of water!

Watch this space for more photos and updates before we are due to leave on the 19th November to Gran Canaria.

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