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Teaching Sculling to Beginners

If you’re a new coach or a rowing club manager who sees a lot of novice coaches and … read more

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If you’re a new coach or a rowing club manager who sees a lot of novice coaches and scullers come through the club, this rowing book is for you.  Mike Sullivan has outlined the first lesson for beginner scullers.

This 7 page lesson for teaching sculling to beginners is outlined in three sections: nomenclature, boat handling and rowing.


Getting in the boat

  • Step on center strip as above.
  • Slide outboard oar out, grasp both grips with outboard hand.
  • Have them lift slightly with that hand, blade bites on dock a bit and stabilizes shell.
  • Inboard hand on gunwhale for balance.
  • Both feet in boat, do not touch dock.
  • As they squat into boat, reach either behind to gunwale or pull on rigger for strength support as they go to seat.
  • Once seated, show them where they can and cannot put their feet (into footboards, onto gunwale, not onto bottom).

Buy Teaching Sculling to Beginners

Note: All profits from this E-book go to Mike’s rowing club as donations.

About the author

Mike Sullivan rowed for 4-years 1971 to 1974 and coached UCI for 7 years, 1977
to 1983. Since 2003 Mike (Sul) Sullivan has worked as a Research Software Developer at the Stanford University Linear Accelerator. He is also a coach for beginner scullers and a couple elites at Bair Island Aquatic Centre, while he’s down in the Bay Area for work. While at home in Lake County, Sul founded and directs the Clear Lake Scullers Club.

Other Books

Mike has also written an excellent Sculling Safety Manual – A great guide to have on hand in any rowing club.  As well as Handling Your Sculling Boat on Land and Water.


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