Twins and Siblings rowing at the Worlds

there’s a growing number of rowing “families” in current international athletes.  Many famous pedigrees of historic athletic rowers and scullers have existed historically from the American Kellys, the British Phelps, Barry and Dwans and more recently New Zealand twins the Evers-Swindells, Greg and Jonny Searle and Guin and Miriam Batten from the UK.

We’ve been researching the entries to this year’s World Rowing Championships and can report:


Germany – LM4- Jochen and Martin Kuehner.

Greece – M4 Nikolaos and Apostolos Gkountoulas

Netherlands LM4- Tycho and Vincent Muda

Sisters and brothers

Czech Republic – W2x Jitka and Lenka Antosova

Great Britain – LM4- Richard Chambers and LM1x Peter Chambers

New Zealand – LM2x Storm Uru and M4- Jade Uru

Denmark – W2x Lisbet and Lea Jakobsen

Twins missing their partners

Sweden LW1x Sara Karlsson used to double with her sister

Britain W8 has 3 “singleton” twins – Jo Cook, Louisa Reeve and Jess Eddie.

Britain W2- Helen Glover

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