The Mind’s Eye by Jimmy Joy revised and updated

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The Mind’s Eye by Jimmy Joy describes a successful method implementing a mental training program for rowers.   Incorporating sports psychology into day to day coaching of rowing technique, Jimmy shows how ieasy it is to teach beginners the focus, dilligence and mental accuracy needed for the repetitive rowing and sculling stroke.

It is now re-printed in a second edition which has been expanded and revised.

For the new edition there is not much that is completely new rather there is greater detail. Jimmy Joy said

It is not so much that there is new information rather there is greater detail. I was a quiet type of coach who talked infrequently on the water. Did a lot of explaining and demonstrating off the water.

The first edition personified this type of on water coach. The second edition is more like the off the water explainer and demonstrator. People who know have urged me to use this latter role in my writing.  It is more fun because it is less austere

Coaches from a range of sports have found it useful and have provided their testimonials for the book.  Buy The Mind’s Eye book.

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