USA Rowing Talks Event in January 2011

Mike Davenport, author of the Nuts and Bolts guide to rigging and several other e-books we sell hosts an annual conference.   ‘Rowing Talks‘ is hosting their second annual rowing clinic at the Washington College, in Chestertown, Maryland on Saturday 22nd January.

If you haven’t been to a “Rowing Talk Event” (last year it was called Lighting Talks 2010) clinic before, they provide a ton of valuable free information that you can use in your own rowing programmes right away.

They do this by having numerous guest presenters where each of them give helpful and insightful information in a short, 18 minute talk.  Hence the name “Rowing Talks”.

Their goal is to design a programme that gives information and ideas to help us all be better at what to do and get ahead of the competition even before the season starts.

The event is held only for high school coaches – seats are be only available to coaches in the Mid Atlantic Region.  But they might let a few others in, especially if they were on the wait list last year.  So if you want to researve seats this year, you have to be really fast to get one as they have a really limited seating.

To kick things off, here are the audio recordings from last year’s talks. There is a wealth of information worth downloading to your iPod or MP3 player.

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