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9 Rowing Coaching Drills

rowing stroke cycle technique

Rowing drills and exercises aim to isolate each part of the ‘stroke cycle’ in order to assist coaches in successfully communicating the different stroke variation technique to athletes. By experiencing part of the ‘learning’ in the static environment of a rowing machine with a force curve to illustrate good execution before doing it in a […]

Corporate Rowing – Team Building with a Difference

In today’s economic climate businesses are constantly looking for ways to get the most from their employees whilst saving where possible. Team building is often trotted out as a simple solution to bind the workforce together but more often than not it’s one of a few activities such as paintballing, heading to the pub etc. […]

How to Identify your Optimal Mental State

The few minutes from when a crew hears the gun till the end of the race often seem to be the toughest. What can you do to ensure your preparation has been perfect? You should have completed extensive physical training to prepare for the race, but how well was your mental aspect of the preparation […]

Guest Blog: Winter Workouts: Why do Rowers Fear the Erg?

When your friends complain about waking up early for their life rowperfect funny friday for rowers

I am really frustrated by our sport when it comes to the erg being viewed as a torture device rather than a helpful tool that people can enjoy. This negative mindset, which is extremely contagious, plagues the sport, preventing athletes from training to their potential and possibly serving as one of the reasons that careers […]

Interview with Ben Hunt-Davis

Ben Hunt-Davis was one of the Men’s Eights British rowing team who won gold in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the first British winners of the rowing since 1912. Before that, he had rowed for almost a decade in which he had competed in three Olympic Games and six World Championships. After achieving his ultimate […]

Rowperfect’s Monthly Prize Draw Winner: June

Each month Rowperfect gives a prize from our catalogue to a randomly picked subscriber on our newsletter list. Congratulations to the Winner for June, Julie Edwards. She has been chosen as the winner of Rowperfect’s monthly prize draw and has won the new DVD set, “Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique”. Julie, to claim your prize, please contact […]

A Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition errors commonly made by athletes and how to avoid making the same nutritional mistakes.  Nutrition planning and management should be an integral part of an athlete’s training program.  Yet athletes regularly report that they do not eat as well as they know they should; they admit that nutrition is often their missing link.  […]

The Ergonomics of Rowing: Free E-book

Rowperfect has included the latest addition to its free ebook collection from Jim Flood called “The Ergonomics of Rowing“. This book is for the ones who have started rowing and are beginning to feel a bit addicted to it. The aim is to empower you to take action that will make rowing easier by making some […]

How do you improve your rowing for bad weather conditions?

Look at this video and make your own conclusions. This videos was taken during a training session at the 2004 Olympic Games. We can see this boat training on these conditions because they don’t know if they will need to race like that. It is very hard to row on these conditions. Rowing boats are […]

Britain’s Gold Rush in Munich World Cup

Double sculls world champion Katherine Grainer along with Mel Wilson enjoyed the most comfortable victory of the day, beating United States into second and bringing home the gold glory. Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter were expected to win the men’s lightweight double sculls, however Pete Reed and Andrew Hodge kept the gold count high by […]