The dawn of verified erg scores


Ever been tempted to be “economical with the truth” about your erg score?  This is probably the most important innovation for rowing this year…..

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The dawn of verified ergo scores

When I started rowing, smartphones didn’t exist and the Nokia 3310 definitely could only play snake. Fast forward 13 years we now have smartphones capable of landing us on the moon. But there is one thing we’ve only recently been able to do… Verify ergo scores via pictures and more recently apps. 

Every Christmas break my coach at the time would send us home with ergos to train on and we’d come back to a great treat, 5000m on the ergo. There was always someone in our group who would say this is what I did and what I got. Normally a slight exaggeration of the truth but I’m sure every club has one or two of those. Athletes occasionally train away from their coaches or they are being recruited.

How can you guarantee that the picture or the score they did is actually their score?

One of our aims when we started ErgStick was to make data collection automated through all the PM monitors on the ergo. With the ErgStick you can now stream the data to your iPhone, whilst with the PM5 monitor you are able to connect directly to it via Bluetooth.

These innovations have changed the way we now collect data off from the rowing machines. There are several apps that now allow you to verify that your score is your score. Several of these apps are integrated with LogBook so if you are collecting your meters you can still use several apps to get more from it than just the workout.

In the future your coach may ask for proof that the score you did in the gym without them was actually true and a picture may no longer be enough for them.

Apps that work with PM5s


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  1. David Harralson

    Still does not support Android smart phones I got one when it was not apparent Androids were not supported, and it has just sat around for years now.

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