First Dreher tank installed in Britain


Rowperfect represents Durham Boat’ Company’s indoor rowing tank products. They are the same company who make Dreher oars and sculls.
This article is from Tyne United’s news page.

14th March saw the commencement of construction of the rowing tank [at Tyne United Boat Club]. Jim Dreher and  Christian Zangenberg from the US rowing tank company Durham Boat Company. Work has proceeded apace and the hope today was that some club members could help turn the tanks over at 07.30 this morning, many of the “usual suspects” did.  Barbara’s hope that the juniors would was a bit optimistic considering that for many school starts before 08.30. It fell to the elder members of the club to pitch in.

The configuration we have consists of two 8-person sweep tanks configured as in a boat with alternating port and starboard stations. This configuration can be used for sculling with special tank sculling oars. All tanks are equipped with two oarlocks for each seat that can be used either sculling or sweep.

Our 8-station tank has two end sections, a smoothing water section and eight rowing centre sections. Each section is then bolted together along the common 4″ flange and sealed. The rowing unit comprises a monorail, seats and foot stretchers. Load bearing rigger arms are positioned so that a walkway can be installed over the rigger. To achieve the correct load for sweep rowing, an oar with a blade area about the same as a standard sculling oar is used. [special tank oars].The tanks should be ready by the end of this working week.

Funding for the tank was secured from British Rowing and will provide an invaluable tool to teach rowing and to allow our junior rowers to row during the dark winter nights. It will also allow the club to promote year round schools rowing .


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