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Rowing History books update

A message from Peter Mallory, author of The sport of rowing. Many thanks for your continued interest and … read more

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A message from Peter Mallory, author of The sport of rowing.

Many thanks for your continued interest and patience in waiting for the publication of The Sport of Rowing, 200 years of rowing history in four volumes. The printing of both editions has now been completed, and binding has begun. I expect to begin shipping copies in about three weeks, so the wait is almost over.

Standard Edition in Color!

I have some unexpected good news. The printers have consolidated the very limited print runs of the collector and standard editions, and the result is that both editions have been printed in color! I am am surprised and very pleased. The color images make a huge difference.

The Price is Going Up at the End of this Month!

I am so grateful to those of you who have already purchased your copy of The Sport of Rowing or who will do so before shipping begins at the end of this month. Without you, the book could never have been published.

The collector edition remains sold out, and the standard edition continues to be available at two internet sites worldwide: Row2k for $95 US plus shipping, and Rowperfect for £95 in the UK. These prices will hold only until September 30! After that, they will be raised to $125 US plus shipping on row2k and £125 on the Rowperfect website.

Rowing History Forum

I would also like to remind those of you in the UK and on the Continent that I will be among the speakers at the Rowing History Forum at the River Rowing Museum in Henley, England, on Saturday, 29 October. The standard edition will be for sale at the increased price of £125 at the museum shop, and I will sign your copy and personally thank you. Details on the forum and the dinner at Leander Club the night before.  (If you have trouble with this URL, go to the River Rowing Museum website, click on “What’s On,” then “Adult Events,” and scroll down.) I hope to see some of the many friends who have contributed to my research over the years.

Until October!
Peter Mallory

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