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My tailbone is rubbed raw on rowing seats

I regularly find that my tailbone is rubbed raw at the end of a long outing – could … read more

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I regularly find that my tailbone is rubbed raw at the end of a long outing – could this be due to not sitting far enough back on the seat?  I have tried seat pads but they do not seem to help, in fact if anything they exacerbate the problem.  Thank you.

This is a problem that I also experience particularly when rowing with Janousek Stampfli seats!  I put this down to the design of their seat shape because I don’t get it with Filippi seats but I do get it on Concept2 seats.

rowing machine technique at finish

Causes of seat chafing in rowing

I think it’s due to

  1. Sitting too far back on the seat which encourages (2) below
  2. Leaning back and collapsing backwards onto my tailbone at the finish of the stroke

Seat pads won’t help with number 2.

Solutions to tailbone chafing in rowing

May I suggest you get someone to video you when you are tired because that is when your technique is most likely to become erratic?  And send us the photos because we may be able to help identify the cause for you.

My “cure” is to put micropore tape onto my tailbone before the outing over the areas where it rubs raw – you need a friend to do this for you as it’s pretty funny and impossible to position correctly yourself.

And speak to your coach and get them to look at your posture at the finish – are you rotating your pelvis downwards or not?

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Best of luck with this challenge.

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