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Are you a sculler deciding to go race your single this summer?  Take a look at our range of regatta boat protection.  It is time for you to invest in protecting your boat and blades as you travel to regattas.

Take a look at your options:

Boat Bags for rowing

The premier bags in the business – made by expert Peter Kermond.  He chose to make bags which FIT.  Each hull shape and manufacturer has patterns cut to perfectly match your exact boat.  Boat Bags designed like snug duvets to wrap perfectly around your boat and made from UV resistant fabric, Sunbrella – these are the rock stars for boat protection on the road. As you can see from the photo you can bag your boat with the riggers still on the boat.  Each one has the characteristic red tag flag on the stern.

Many folks choose to bag their boats which are racked outdoors.  I left my Filippi 1x outside in Cambridge, racked upside down.  Within a year the gel coating on my carbon wing rigger had eroded so I could feel the texture of the carbon weave with my fingers.  And that was in UK “sunshine”!

Burnham Boat, Rowperfect, rowing, single scull, boat bag Burnham Boat Rowing Bags for single sculls on a trailer

Car top roof racks for rowing boats

Driving your own boat to the regatta has advantages (avoid boat loading anyone??) and speedy loading and unloading.  We sell several designs of car top racking.  For singles, for Doubles and Pairs and also one version for a single or a double which has an expanding length.

There are two designs:

  • V-shaped aluminium where you place the boat either hull up or canvas up and the V rests on the canvas.
  • Fabric Slings where the boat rests on straps across the canvasses.

Some say they prefer the slings because there is less pressure on the boat; others are fine with the V rest.

Bags for Riggers and Oars

Oar bags and rigger bags for rowing Oar bags and rigger bags for rowing

Made from nylon in a superb range of colours,

the oar bags and rigger bags accompany your boat everywhere.  Again, with padding included not just on the outer fabric, but also with a padded insert to go between the two riggers or two oars / sculls inside the bag so they don’t scratch against each other in transit.  Neat designs.

Additional indulgences

How about getting a boat manufacturer logo panel (Filippi, Empacher etc) on the side?  Or your initials embroidered into the bag? Or your name?

And for quick rigging checks don’t forget the best pitch gauge available – made without a hinge to increase accuracy.

Now you have all the gear, it’s just up to you to go and race well!


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