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7 Steps To Being A Better Rigger

The Rig Up Your Life email series brings you 7 key lessons to get you rigging rowing boats, … read more

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The Rig Up Your Life email series brings you 7 key lessons to get you rigging rowing boats, and rigging them right (correctly)!

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We know the daily strains and stresses of rowing, training and getting boats on the water but we also know that rigging is crucial to success, and we want to make you enjoy rigging while doing it well.

Sign up to the email series below and over the next couple of weeks we’ll introduce each lesson bit by bit.

You’ll learn the when, where, why and how of rigging, who should get into rigging, the myths that come along with it all and what rigging is, in essence, all about.  Every rower should understand the intricacies of rigging.  Don’t rely on your coach or coxswain, so sign up now and get a leg up on competitive rowers around the world.


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