Summertime “odd jobs” for rowing clubs


It is coming up to the pot hunting summer racing for fun season.  And now is the time to do all those odd jobs which pile up but you’re too busy to do at other times.  Read on to find a 20% coupon code for a helpful checklist.

When I was at Rob Roy BC in Cambridge – we turned this into a fun Closing Day time for the club to do a bit of a working bee and have a social at the same time.

This was our check list of things to do.

  1. Sweep out the boathouse – yep, dusty and dirty it is and spick and span it will be
  2. Put away those riggers lying on the floor between the boat racks.  Maybe get a hanging rack for wing riggers.
  3. Service ergos – you can do it yourself instructions for C2 and for RP (page 12-13)
  4. Service boats – make a list of minor repairs needed for each boat.  We used a check-list for every club boat.  Repair services ES Rowing, Confido Racing,
  5. Service cox boxes – contact details for NK repairs and Coxmate repairs.
  6. Check the rigging – span, pitch, heel restraints, oarlocks aren’t too worn, make sure slides won’t cut anybody if they have lost their rubber end stoppers.
  7. Buy an indelible marker and re-label things – oar lengths (use white electrical tape around the shaft and write the length:inboard), seats (name of boat and seat number), label the racks so the correct boat goes on the correct rack
  8. Coxing wires, coxless boat steering wires, steering shoes – check they all work and wires move freely- add WD40 lubricant if needed.
  9. Coaching boat motors – get it serviced, check the oil.

We used to have a barbecue afterwards as a bit of a social and to reward the hard work – the committee paid for the food and we brought our own drink.


If you are a teeny bit anal – you might like to read the 43 Things To Do Before the next Racing Season……

Check List for Rowing Clubs maintenance Check List for Rowing Clubs maintenance

Written by Mike Davenport, the expert behind the Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging, he shares his wisdom about the maintenance and pre-season preparation that every club should do before heading out onto the water.

Written as an easy check-list of 43 separate items (and a couple of subsidiary ones), he sets out everything you should check, service, repair, upgrade and maintain.   His list starts with boats through oars, vehicles, coach boats, spare parts, straps, shoes to insurances – this is an invaluable resource for every rowing club.

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