Strength Coach Roundtable #10: Strength, Physical Therapy, Rowing


Guest coaches Karen Calara and Caitlin McClain join the Roundtable for a discussion of how strength coaches, physical therapists, and rowing coaches can better support each other and work together to solve common rowing technical problems and ultimately build better, faster, healthier rowers. Tune in for specific advice for common technical problems of the stroke as well as general advice for the rower or coach who wants to begin incorporating strength training and physical therapy principles into their training.

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0:00: Introductions

  • Karen Calara: MSPT, CSCS
  • Caitlin McClain
    • Holy Names Academy, USA U19 National Team assistant coach

3:17: Defining our roles as coaches

  • Research: Strength training doesn’t actually improve performance? (It improves sport-relevant athletic qualities, which MAY improve sport performance, and also reduces injuries)
  • How Karen uses orthotics, seat pads, and other accommodations to help rowers fit their equipment better and row better.

20:32: Body angle and lack of compression

33:53: Lunging into the catch, throwing the shoulder

52:16: Early arm break

58:12: Takeaways for rowing coaches from strength training and physical therapy

Thanks for listening! If you have a question or comment, please leave it below and we’ll respond. Until our next episode, you can listen to all of our old ones here in the Rowperfect UK archives.


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