The summer is in sight: Let’s look at ways to stay in shape for it


A somewhat regular summer is in sight. Time to look forward to more sun, more rowing,  more outside dining. Whatever it is, that you are already excited about, let’s have a look how to stay in shape for that before the summer starts! And of course we all looked at ways described below a year ago, but sometimes it’s good to refresh our memory or rethink our ways.

The COVID-19 pandemic might have you searching for ways to stay in shape. Despite your quarantine or lockdown situations, you can achieve your fitness goals. Consider this list of eight practical ways you can accomplish this.

1. Don’t Stress

It’s important you do not stress about being in shape. Stress isn’t good for your health. And you must commit to your overall well-being, too. This means your mental wellness is just as important as your physical fitness.

You’ve had to adapt in so many ways because of the coronavirus. Don’t let all those other stressors impact your goals to stay in shape. As unusual as this pandemic is, you still must remain calm.

2. Declutter Your Home

A cluttered home won’t help you with your efforts to stay in shape. You need to have your space set up, so you can achieve your fitness goals. Clutter makes it harder for you to get in your workouts. And it also can be an unnecessary distraction for you.

Turn to your local and online retailers for your storage needs. You also can locate DIY storage ideas online. Take time now to declutter your home.

3. Talk to a Professional

Your medical provider can assist you. You also could turn to a nutritionist or a personal trainer. A life coach could help you, too.

Talk to a professional to ensure you’re doing what will work best for your specific needs. A qualified expert can help you determine any setbacks you might have. They also can help you if you get off course.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

You must be sure to drink plenty of water. At a minimum, you should be drinking no less than eight glasses of water every day. Depending on your specific health needs you might need more water. Check with a nutritional expert to see how much water you need each day.

If you don’t like drinking tap water, or the taste of it, you should purchase a water filter. Not only can you spend less money on bottled water and lower your environmental footprint, but you will have access to clean and tasty water whenever you want it.

5. Eat the Right Foods

Don’t think you are necessarily getting in shape by limiting certain foods. Although you need to avoid some foods, you can jeopardize your health with certain diets. Staying in shape means you have a well-balanced diet.

Your medical provider or a nutritionist can best advise you. And as a matter of fact, you should check with a credentialed professional before any new diet. And if you’re wanting to eat the right foods but consider yourself not to be the best cook, you should check out cooking tips online.

6. Share Your Journey with Others

The COVID-19 quarantine doesn’t mean you have to completely isolate yourself from the world. You have access to great technologies that permit you to still interact with others. And this can be very helpful with your goals to stay in shape.

You might not have access to the gym or in-person group fitness classes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still share your journey with others. Take part in activities like group yoga, isolated strength training, and low-impact aerobics. Temporarily use video technologies to ensure you still get the group learning experience.

7. Don’t Make Excuses

The coronavirus shouldn’t be an excuse for you not staying in shape. And you should not resort to any other excuses, either. If you make excuses, then you are not serious about being your best self.

Create a health and fitness journal. Be specific about your goals and be realistic. Don’t forget to check off any goals you accomplish. Also, be certain you write down your setbacks. When you take note of your setbacks and how they happened, then you mitigate your chances of those setbacks happening again.

8. Don’t Give Up

When you encounter setbacks, you must not give up. Just because something doesn’t work right away, doesn’t mean you have to stop trying. A few different approaches might have to be tried to find what works best for you.

And if you still keep running into issues, reach out to an expert again. Ask them to help you fine-tune your approach.

Even in quarantine you can still stay fit and in shape. Use one or more of the approaches above. And bookmark this page to help you stay on top of your goals. You can share this with others, too.


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