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Stay fit at home: training at home

Bene, one of the successful national coaches in Germany says: “The current situation is not so great for … read more

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Bene, one of the successful national coaches in Germany says:
“The current situation is not so great for the athletes. I manage my BW 2- via the TeamViewer app. The motivation is still good at the moment, but if it stays that way for the next 4 weeks it will certainly be hard”.

You’ve all heard it before – athletes cannot really access their clubs and are looking for alternatives: Maybe at home. Many stay fit at home – they have set up their own gym in the living room. Alone or with coaches advice,  staying at home is todays motto.

We know, that many athletes are not real happy- no real access to equipment, no motivation from the friends nearby – maybe disturbing family members.

Fit at home: We heard about these solutions:

Ergometer at home
There are currently good opportunities to rent ergometers. We know that, for example, and others offer 3 and 6 month ergo rent in several countries.
Stay fit at home: rent a club erg.

We noticed, that some clubs have given a certain amount of ergometers, bike ergs and running equipment to members. A club near Berlin in Germany gave their 8 ergos to their members and charges a small weekly fee.  One club in the Rhine river valley gave their ergs away free of charge. Another club allocated their equipment exclivsivly to the top club athletes.

Training with your own body weight:
For those not having access to ergs or other equipment, read this: There are other ways to stay fit. Use your body weight to stay fit at home. Use your body weight, water bottles or furniture.

Stay fit at home: Do it the Arnold way

GQ Fitness
Sit ups: Credit: GQ

The “Focus” magazine republished an GQ Article a while ago.It describes how Arnold Schwarzengegger started his career in Austria.

The Ex Hollywood star trained outdoors, doing his daily push-ups on the lakeshore and did pull ups simply on a branch. Here are the exercises that will keep you fit at home and in the home office.See his instagram video here. Interesting

Pilates as stability training

Pilates is a wonderful workout to address individual muscle groups and to train boat stability. We have a post at the end of the week.

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