Seasons Change and So Do I (thanks to The Guess Who)

Rowing Crew at Dawn on the river
Rowing Crew at Dawn on the river

Ahhh, September, a pivotal ninth calendar month for our zany sport (though it’s Latin origin is for a seventh month – go figure).

What I figure on September 1st…

  • a. cooler mornings as our crews transition from Sprint to Head racing.  Yes, and slightly later sunrises as autumn’s equinox approaches. Cool snaps allow us deep sleep to recover and to row re-energized.
  • – As a very slow-twitch Masters rower, I appreciate longer Head distances and rowing up certain creeks. There is nothing as fun as overtaking a crew near a bridge turn – yes?
  • b. energetic returns of collegiate and junior crews to our Club Boathouse. Attitudes of future champions!
  • c. that my 5 x 5 strength and power lifts will sustain me in the final thirds of 5KM ERG pieces and races this fall.
  • d. our volume mix of CAT 4-5-6 and higher intensity pieces will have us ready to do the distances – fast.
  • e. I am changing, like the seasons.  May your times on, and off the water be a changin’ too.

All’s well.


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