Rowing Tales 2 for 1 book launch

We’re delighted to announce that Rowing Tales – the anthology of anecdotes about the sport of rowing is launching today.

Written by over 40 separate contributors, this is the ultimate collection of stories for the rowing enthusiast.  Below you will find a launch offer to buy 2 for the price of one before 1st November 2017.

Rowing Tales
Rowing Tales book cover

A rowing book for your bedside

Everyone has a rowing story to tell.

I first got the idea for Rowing Tales when I read My Old Man, a compilation book of stories about Fathers. It dawned on me that rowing has its own collection of anecdotes, and this has become Rowperfect’s newest project, an anthology about rowing.

I have my own personal collection of tales. During the past twelve months as I’ve interviewed and recorded and transcribed and written up the tales which have been submitted, I kept thinking about which of my own rowing tales to record.

There’s the one about swapping sides as a novice, or making three French fisherman belly-laugh as I rammed the river bank in front of them, of a coach fixing up the seat racing in order to de-select me from the first boat, or the time the new kit arrived in the wrong colour, of fund raising sponsored rows, or the biggest raffle in rowing history to win a single shell and an ergo, of colourful insults (old goats), or fun times head racing in a double and gaining ground on a coxed-four under the very narrow bridge at Bedford.

Instead, I decided that this book should not be about my writing. I write weekly in the Rowperfect News blog, I broadcast monthly on the RowingChat podcast. This book needs to be the voice of everyone else – but me.

And I’m grateful – for the insights and wry smiles as the many, many contributors have given me their stories, and for the stories themselves. And also to Peter Mallory for editing and formatting the collection.

I hope you enjoy this book. Leave it by the bed, in the bathroom, in the boathouse. Let others dip in and read, or send a copy to an old rowing friend.

And if it inspires you to tell me your rowing tale – by all means send it by email to When we get enough, we’ll do a second volume. It could become an annual publication.

Special launch offer

To launch Rowing Tales we are offering all Rowperfect blog readers the chance to get two copies for the price of one.  Perfect for your early Christmas shopping!

Complete your order (for ONE book) before midnight on 1st November 2017 and we will mail you two copies for the same price.



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